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i've got a question.

Success. that's what life is all about, right? pushing harder and harder, faster and faster, on and on, never stopping, never resting, never good enough, never strong enough, you-just-gotta-keep-going-cause-it's-the-only-way, you push through the pain, you push through the hurt, you just shove all of those unnecessary feelings aside cause "there's no time to think about that", you close yourself off to the rest of this world and just do your own thing, make your own life, be your own person, 'cause it's the only way to survive in this crazy, messed-up world, it's the only way to live, right, the only way to make it. success is all there is, right? you just gotta live in the moment, do the best you can right now and maybe feel good about yourself if there's time for that, right?  but then you die.  yeah. death is a funny thing. it snatches you right up before you even have a chance to stop and think about what life really is. it doesn't give yo…

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